E.V.O. Oil

E.V.O. Oil

The olive from Pontine Hills is considered as a product of Italian High-Quality Excellence.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) from olive groves, which is handled with low environmental impact agronomic techniques, is extracted with the best techniques for the oil production.

The Elegante, Evoolea and Intenso EVOO by our company give off a typical fruity flavor of fresh olive, of spiced grass, of tomato leaf and artichoke; as a final taste, the hint of almond, together with the well-balanced number of polyphenols, makes the bitterness and the pungency intense and pleasant.

EVOO is the nutraceutical product par excellence, showing beneficial effects on health since it exerts a protective effect against cancer and a preventive effect on the development of multiple diseases.

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